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Army Corps of Engineers assesses Fair Haven pier damage, plans repairs

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed an initial damage assessment and is determining options for repairing the West Barrier Bar Pier in Fair Haven.

A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers’ Buffalo district said Friday that the initial assessment consisted of a review of photos provided to the agency. The photos helped the agency “better understand the extent of the damages sustained,” according to a news release.

A team from the Buffalo district will conduct an onsite assessment next week, the spokesman added.

High water levels and strong winds have damaged the pier. Local officials are concerned that further damage to the pier will lead to severe flooding and could impact the local economy, especially during the busy tourism season.

The Army Corps of Engineers explained that design work has commenced to determine options for repairing the pier. Results are expected this fall, the agency added.

It will be challenging for the Fair Haven pier to secure funding for any repairs. The Army Corps of Engineers noted that there are limited funds available and the pier will be competing against other projects for support.

The funding is needed before repairs can proceed.

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