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Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office names new jail administrator

The Cayuga County Sheriff's Office has a new chief custody officer at the county jail.

Sheriff Brian Schenck said Tuesday that his office ceremonially swore in Robert Elser, who has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, into the position on Monday. Elser was officially sworn in and began working with the sheriff's office Feb. 27.

Elser is "no stranger," said Schenck, as his background includes eight years of combined experience with the sheriff's office from the 1970s to now, including serving as a custody officer, security officer and chief custody officer for a short time. Elser also worked for the Syracuse Police Department for 20 years.

Elser will oversee the custody division with Capt. John Mack, a sheriff office's press release said. The custody division employs nearly 100 staff members and oversees the 214-bed jail. Elser is replacing former Chief Custody Officer James Taber, who retired.

In a release, Schenck said he is proud to add Elser to the office's administrative team, noting that he and his family have a history of dedicated service to Cayuga County — including Elser's father starting his career with the office as a deputy in 1948.

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