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Taxpayers finally learn about allegations against school board members in Wayne

For the first time, taxpayers in the Wayne Central School District learned more about the allegations against two school board members.

Steven Gallaher and Dennis Landry could be removed from their positions.

Monday, a formal hearing was held for Gallaher. Over eight hours, seven witnesses testified.

Gallaher walked into the hearing Monday to a round of applause. The room was filled with supporters and community members.

He is facing five charges stemming from an alleged incident last fall, when the school board says he and Landry visited the former Freewill Elementary School, triggering an alarm.

It’s important to note these are not criminal charges, but rather are accusations brought forward by Wayne Central School Board members.

The board says Gallaher trespassed and gained unauthorized access to the school. They allege he inquired about the building and walked through the school with an officer without permission.

Witnesses who testified Monday were asked if the elementary school’s main door was working properly the day of the incident, and if it was left open.

Gallaher is also accused of posting an inappropriate comment and picture to social media, which is against school policy.

His supporters say they’re standing behind the person they elected to the position.

“I think the current proceedings are a witch hunt,” argued Keith Manne of Walworth. “I think it’s a personal attack on Steven and Dennis. They want people asking questions removed from the board.”

“It doesn’t sound like anything malicious to me at all,” said parent Abbie Schmitt. “They were checking on the asset, making sure it was taken care of. We still haven’t gotten answers as to why the doors were unlocked.”

Landry’s hearing will be held in May.

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