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Bloomfield students could face charges after pair of threats in two days

Two students have been disciplined after a pair of incidents over the last week within the Bloomfield Central School District.

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office reports that around 9:16 a.m. deputies responded to the Bloomfield Junior High School after a threatening message was discovered on a wall of a bathroom.

Sheriff Kevin Henderson reports that administrators ordered a ‘shelter in place’ until a search was complete.

A review of video inside the school led the School Resource Officer to a suspect, who was identified as a 12-year-old child.

That student was interviewed and admitted involvement with this incident, as well as another on March 8th.

The incident on March 8th led to a separate suspect, according to Henderson’s report to the media.

Today’s incident was determined to be linked to Friday’s similar incident, and the school will be dealing with disciplinary action internally.

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office says that they will be completing juvenile referrals for potential family court presentation for the crime of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.

Henderson says there was never a threat to students, faculty, or the community.