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Bill would bring sweeping changes for elections, campaign finance

It’s called the “For the People” Act: Sweeping legislation that would impact everything from campaign finance to voting rights.

HR-1 would bring major reform to the nation’s elections – first, with voting rights. It would make Election Day a federal holiday and allow for online voting and automatic voter registration.

It also tackles ethics, requiring presidents and vice presidents to release 10 years of tax returns and bar members of Congress from sitting on corporate boards.

On the campaign finance front, the bill requires PACs and so-called “dark money” groups to make their donors public and would provide a small-donor public matching funds system.

Congressman Chris Collins, who opposes the bill, tells 13WHAM it would make “hard-working taxpayers pay for their political campaigns with hard-earned tax dollars.”

Congressman Joe Morelle, a co-sponsor, says this is about transparency.

“We made a commitment in the 116th Congress that House Democrats were going to do everything we could to reassure and give confidence to the American voters that we were the best government we can possibly have,” said Morelle.

Republican Congressman Tom Reed believes the bill is an overreach by the federal government, tweeting it would “give Washington bureaucrats control of your elections and limit your free speech.”

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