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Ontario County contractor starts state prison sentence

Alvis Sprague, a contractor accused by over a dozen people of ripping them off, was sentenced to prison on Monday.

Over the past year, News10NBC has spoken with more than a dozen people who feel they were ripped off by him. Not all of them were able to file criminal charges One of the victims who came to us with her story, though, was able to, and because of that he was sentenced in Ontario County Court to more than a year behind bars.

Credit: News10NBC (WHEC-TV)

Susan Sipes had paid Sprague $17,000 to remodel her condo.

“Oh my gosh,” she said, “It was devastating.”

What little work that was finished by Sprague was barely done, and after News10NBC’s Deanna Dewberry started investigating the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office got involved as well.

Monday was judgement day, and Sprague was not happy when Ontario County Judge Craig Doran allowed News10NBC to have our cameras roll in the court room.

In fact, after saying the f-word loud enough for the judge and courtroom to hear it, Sprague expressed his opinion without being asked for it:

“I think it’s inapproriate and unconstitutional to be videotaped and hand-shackled and everything else before any of these proceedings [get] started,” he said.

The judge and Sprague’s attorney tried to get him to stop talking, but he persisted.

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