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Auburn man facing child sexual assault charges going to prison on probation violation

An Auburn man facing sexual abuse charges in Wayne County was sentenced to prison Thursday for violation of his probation from an early conviction.

Vince M. Ferris, 22, of James Street, was arrested in November by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and charged with first-degree sexual abuse. It was alleged Ferris sexually assaulted a 14-month-old at a residence in the town of Wolcott, according to a sheriff’s office press release.

At the time of his alleged crime, Ferris was on probation in Cayuga County for a 2016 conviction of first-degree sexual abuse in Wayne County. He was given a probationary sentence at the time and granted youthful offender status. His probation was transferred to Cayuga County when he moved to the county.

When Ferris was in Cayuga County Court Dec. 20 for violating his probation, Judge Thomas Leone remanded him to Cayuga County Jail.

“I know about your intellectual limitation,” Leone said. “But if you think I’m going to let you back on the streets … it’s not going to happen.”

Back in court Jan. 10, Chief Assistant District Attorney Chris Valdina said the 1-year-old child’s mother discovered Ferris sexually abusing her child when she walked into an apartment to find Ferris sitting next to her child on a bed, Valdina said. Valdina said the mother reported her child was crying at the time.

As he’s on probation for a sex offense, Valdina said, Ferris violated his probation by even being with a child unsupervised. The pending sexual abuse charge was Ferris’ third violation of probation.

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