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Mayors discuss potential impacts of cannabis legalization

The New York State Conference of Mayors hosted a summit on the legalization of cannabis Wednesday morning.

Policy makers, law enforcement representatives, and leaders from other states spoke to the group. Their goal was to have a conversation about the potential impacts on local governments, as well as voice their issues or concerns, should recreational marijuana be legalized in New York State.

Some of the issues the mayors will discuss include public health, crime and safety, production, sale, and more.

“One of the things local government is looking for, is the freedom to determine what is going to happen in their communities,” Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan said. “We have NYCOM mayors of very small villages, all the way up to the mayor of New York City, so those create different issues for different localities. We also have to make sure we’re addressing equity issues, public health and safety issues within our communities and within the context of those communities, because this includes not just the sale of marijuana, but also the growing of it, the production of it, and again there are different needs in different communities.

Sheehan was one of the speakers. She said the summit is a way for local voices to be heard.
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