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Complaints continue after administration change at Sodus nursing home

A new leadership team promised changes were being made but the complaints about the care and conditions inside the Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center continue to roll in.

Credit: News10NBC (WHEC-TV)

News10NBC has been digging into the facility and its track record for more than a year now and even though the management was replaced last summer, families continue to run into serious safety concerns inside.

Joi Ann Mitchell-Kinley’s father and Bill Tanner were best friends so when her dad died, Bill took Joi Ann under his wing.

“He did all my yard work, took care of the animals, the house, it was just like having my dad here, it was great, it was nice,” she recalls.

Now, it’s her turn to repay the favor.

Tanner has leukemia, dementia and other health issues and needs around the clock care.

The social worker at the hospital said the only bed available in the area that would accept a Medicaid patient was at Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

“I sat in the room and I said to them, ‘I really don’t want to come here. I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t want to come here at all. I’m nervous about this place.’ So, they brought out some papers and said… ‘well, let me tell you Channel 10 News has been after us forever and all these allegations are untrue,'” Mitchell-Kinley says of the conversation she had with administrators back in January.

News10NBC has been investigating Sodus Rehab, so has the New York State Department of Health which has cited the center 90 times in the past four years for health and safety violations—three times the average number of violations other nursing homes face.

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