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Auburn prison to install $14M video monitoring system

Bids were due Wednesday for a multi-million dollar video and audio monitoring system at Auburn Correctional Facility, something the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision say will be implemented soon.

The project could cost anywhere from $11 million to $17 million, according to a legal advertisement published in The Citizen Feb. 6 calling for bids for construction, HVAC and electrical work for the facility-wide CCTV and audio monitoring system and recording room. As of Wednesday afternoon, a total of 17 bid documents for the various components of the project were purchased from the Office of General Services. Two Auburn companies purchased documents.

The site-wide system will be entirely new to ACF, a DOCCS spokesperson said, adding the facility currently has cameras in limited locations. DOCCS expects the installation of the system at Auburn's prison to be completed in the near future.

"These cameras will permit Auburn Correctional Facility to provide enhanced safety and security for our staff and inmate populations," a DOCCS spokesperson said in an email. "The Department plans to blanket all of its maximum security facilities and some large medium security facilities with these new cameras."

The installation of the system, which will be rolled out to other state facilities over time, will "serve as an invaluable tool in the ongoing battle against drugs and contraband in the state’s prisons, as well as an asset in investigations into incidents involving both inmates and staff," DOCCS said.

The Auburn Citizen:
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