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Main Street overhaul taking shape in Marion

What’s happening in Marion? The public who drive through, and the residents who live nearby are all asking… “What’s up” with all the scaffolding and plastic wrap on the west wide of South Main Street.

Speaking with the owner of 6 properties, starting with Toppings Pizza on the South end, to the Sullivan Insurance Agency, here’s what’s up.
Tom Salviski of Rock Realty Services LLC, a real estate developer from Penfield, answered the questions with a question: “Have you driven through the sleepy Town of Marion lately? If so, it probably was not very memorable. Semi-vacant and decaying old buildings, sun-bleached “for lease” signs, maybe some tumbleweed rolling past, if its a windy day. Alas, that is going to change starting right now.”

Tom, a former shop teacher in West Irondequoit began delving into purchasing properties and developing them about 15 years ago. He owns a commercial building in Newark (the former Newark Floral Greenhouse) and while driving back and forth through Marion, he often noticed the condition of the old downtown business district.

When an auction sign went up a couple of years ago, Tom got the itch to bid, and was top bidder for two properties, the current Pizzeria building, and the Sullivan Insurance building. From that point, he began focusing on the other buildings, and bought the 4 buildings in between his original “bookends”.

“Over the past 3 years, we have assembled and purchased six adjacent buildings on South Main Street, effectively controlling much of downtown Marion. Working with the Town of Marion and the State of NY, we applied for a Restore NY grant, and were awarded a significant purse (approximately $280,000), in which to completely restore the main street storefronts and building facades. After two years of arduous work, we reviewed bids and selected Highland Contractors, out of Rochester, to GC and fulfill the project. As of last week, work has finally begun on Main Street. These guys are making incredible progress.“

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