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Cayuga County Board of Elections preparing for early voting

The requirements of early voting in New York, approved last month by the state Legislature, are likely to have a “considerable impact” on the Cayuga County Board of Elections’ work in 2019, according to both commissioners Tuesday.

While the reforms approved by the state cover a number of topics, the changes to early voting and a consolidation of state and federal primary elections will have the most immediate effect on the board, Commissioners Cherl Heary and Katie Lacey told the Cayuga County Legislature’s Government Operations Committee.

The primary election for both state, local and federal offices will all be held on June 25, pushing the board’s busy season to the forefront — the petitioning process begins Feb. 26.

Early voting requirements, which will not be in effect for the primary, bring with them a number of financial and logistical concerns for the board, both commissioners said.

“We can get it covered, but I think we’re going to have trouble,” Heary said.

With 10 days of early voting required, counties need to staff at least one early voting site. However, given the shape of Cayuga County, Lacey said there would likely need to be sites in the north and south ends of the county, as well as in Auburn.

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