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6 tips to watch a baseball game with your kids

Taking your kids to the game is not an easy decision. But if you have set your mind, then you need to mind a few things to Assure things don’t go as bad as you expect (our apologies). With that out in the air, following we are giving you some tips you need to mind:

  1. Pay A Visit to Guest Services

Every Stadium has Guest Services. So, if you are bringing along your kids, you might as well take the time and visit them. You can ask or a first-time fan certificate which can be framed or put in a baby book. You can also get ID bracelets for your kids in case anyone of you gets separated. In case you are a nursing mother, then ask where the nursing mom room is. Staples Center Suites have a dedicated room for it.

  1. Pack Carefully

You need to mind the stadium guidelines and bring the size allowed in. For general, take 16x16x8 bags in the stadium. This is the size of a small backpack or a diaper bag. Hard-sided coolers are not allowed in most stadiums. So, you might as well use sunscreen. Don’t worry; this bag is big enough for:

Water: Unopened water bottles (one for each) of less than 1 liter are allowed in most stadiums, So, yes you can put them in the plastic bag and continue.

Food: Some stadiums are generous enough to let you bring food from outside. If you are family with kids, then you can bring some snacks in as long as they are packaged in soft side containers which are smaller than maximum bag size.

  1. Strollers

Alright, you cannot fit these in the plastic bag. So, feel free to carry them because there is a high chance your little guy wants to ride in a single lightweight stroller or his carrier. The fact is, there can be a lot of walking between the parking space and stadium, so you need to keep umbrella strollers under your seat while checking the larger one at guest services.

  1. Leaving Your Seat

If you are bringing along your kids, then you need to mind the fact that your kids won’t let you sit much. You might as well leave your Seat at appointing to watch the game from outside. You need to go on several trips with your kids.

  1. Snacks Over Sleep

It’s bad advice for any other day but if you are watching a game, then you have to make some exceptions. The starting time of the game will be the time you have to deal with a missed nap or if you went to bed late.

If sleep-deprivation sets in, you need to save everyone and surprise your kids with food

  1. Being A Parent Is A Good Fan

If you are rather enthusiastic, but you are bringing your kids along, don’t be ashamed. Being a good parent is being a good fan. Nothing is more important than taking care of your kids. Yes, you might have to watch a few score or innings but its worth it. You will realize it sooner or later.

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