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Cuomo launches statewide push against SALT cap

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday announced he would launch a national campaign to repeal the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions.

The announcement follows a meeting Cuomo had on Tuesday with President Donald Trump about the issue.

“The disgraceful federal tax assault stole from 12 Democratic states to give to Republican states, and it was a gross injustice,” Cuomo said. “This is about money, plain and simple. As Governor of New York, I’m going to rally the other Governors and the other states to say it was a theft and to restore economic equity and fairness.”

Cuomo has blamed the cap on a $2.3 billion shortfall in tax revenue at the end of last year and start of the new year.

New York isn’t the only state that is impacted by the cap. Other high tax states, including Connecticut, California and New Jersey have been affected.

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