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A REALLY SWEET TREAT: Group of students go extra mile to make Valentines Day special in Newark

Some lucky staff and students at Newark High School and Newark Middle School received a really sweet treat today, and it wasn’t in the typical form of Valentines Day candy, cards or flowers.

They were surprised when 11 superb NHS musicians showed up in their work areas or classrooms and flawlessly sang, in perfect Barbershop Quartet-style harmony “I Love You Truly.”

Students who sang included Anisha Stallworth, Isabella Bailey, Carson Jordan, Jack Comella, Kylar Vermeulen, Ben Cepulo, Jaston Brooks, Natalie and Cody Acquista, Ashton Keene, Medina VanDuyne .

All but one of them will be appearing in the upcoming musical production of “The Music Man” that will be presented March 1-3 at NHS.

And two of them Cody Acquista and Comella are in “The Music Man’s” Barbershop Quartet. A third member of this fledgling group, Joey Mallach, who is in “The Music Man” quartet and is a member of the NHS Choir Council, couldn’t perform with the other singers today because he was in Florida for an audition.

NHS Vocal Music teacher Kate Flock, who is also the vocal director for the musical, said the students only rehearsed their singing Valentine’s song twice before performing today. The idea for the singing Valentine’s messages was the brainchild of the NHS Choir Council.

Flock said they thought it would be a great way to raise money for very worthy causes and this first time out, the $220 they raised for their Valentine’s Day gigs, will be donated to Laurel House Comfort Care Home in Newark.

The group sold 44 advance $5 tickets to sing Valentine’s Day messages.

Flock noted Natalie Acquista was “the sales person extraordinaire” selling most of them.

The singing Valentine’s message brought smiles and hearty applause from NHS cafeteria workers early this morning.

One of the staffers there even suggested they take their show on the road and call themselves “The Singing Telegrams.”

We’ll all have to keep a close eye on these enthusiastic minstrels who are clearly destined for greatness.