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Auburn couples celebrate decades together

Every Valentine’s Day, The Citizen features a few Cayuga County-area couples that have been married for several decades.

This year, we present one couple that has been married for a little more than 40 years, and another that has been together for 65.

Bud and Ann Peck
A romance that has spanned decades and thousands of miles blossomed on New Year’s Eve of 1952.

Bud and Ann Peck had gone out with two others on the last day of that year. Bud was originally paired with Ann’s friend, and Ann was paired with Bud’s friend. After the other two drank too much cheap liquor and went to bed, Bud and Ann had one more drink, they said. Bud, who was in the Army, had to go out to California the next day.

The pair’s eyes lit up at their Auburn apartment on Feb. 7 as they recalled their story, their hands clasped together in an iron grip for much of the conversation.

Ann’s brother happened to be in the same Army base and company as Bud in 1952. Her brother knew Bud was from the village of Sidney, so when the two were on leave, Bud went with her brother from Fort Devens in Massachusetts to her home in the hamlet of Sidney Center, though the two didn’t talk then. Ann recalled Bud was “the most handsome man I had ever seen.”

“Here’s this young man, in his uniform, leaning up against the car, and I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness,'” Ann said of Bud.

Bud said that moment was about a month before they spoke to each other on New Year’s Eve.

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