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Learning about a new life for old books in Aurora

The Aurora Free Library isn’t normally open on Sundays, but the library staff thought to switch things up a bit this weekend.

Susan MacCormick, an assistant librarian, stumbled upon a neat way to put old, discarded books back to use on Pinterest, a do-it-yourself social media platform. MacCormick led a workshop at the library Sunday to show others how to make accordion-like ornaments by removing a book’s cover and folding each page.

The level of commitment participants had at an earlier craft workshop led McCormick to thinking the book ornament idea would be a hit.

Sandy Groth, the library director, said a lot of what the library does is aimed at younger audiences, and that Sunday’s event was a chance for older folks to come out.

“We do a lot of children’s programming, so we’re looking at different things that might bring adults out,” Groth said. “This seemed like something we could give a try.”

Weekly story hours, movie nights and musical performances are among other events held at the library.

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