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Gavras Center in Auburn generating buzz thanks to $1.5M project

Until late last year, it was easy to drive past the E. John Gavras Center on North Street and not notice the facility.

That shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

One part of the center’s $1.5 million capital project that is nearing completion was improving its curb appeal. Before the improvements, foliage blocked the view of passing motorists and the building lacked color or signage that would help it stand out.

Now, “Gavras Center” is spelled out in large white letters on the front of the building and the facility’s logo, a large tree with a swing, has been added to the corner of the structure.

The improved facade has captured the attention of some families in the community. Danielle Wright, the CEO and executive director of the Gavras Center, said once people notice the sign, they want to know more about facility.

“It’s really generated a buzz,” Wright said. “People are now interested in what we’re doing.”

What’s happening inside is the most important component of the center’s operation. Gavras has a preschool that serves 80 students ages 3 to 5. The school has children with special needs and those without. There’s also a daycare center that operates from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays.

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