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New system will save time in Steuben County for 911 personnel

The Steuben County Public Safety and Corrections Committee approved Monday adding a time-saving system to the county 911 Center.

The Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) will send information from automated alarms, such as ADT and Doyle directly to the 911 computer system for immediate dispatch, according to county 911 Deputy Director Tina Goodwin.

In the past, Steuben’s 911 dispatchers have fielded calls from alarm monitoring stations and automated alarms installed across the county including medical, fire and police emergencies from personal devices, schools and businesses. After gathering all the necessary information, dispatchers then contact emergency responders to report the alarm has been triggered. With the ASAP program, information will be processed in seconds — not minutes– for dispatch of emergency responders.

The new $15,665 system will reduce significantly the number of calls the center handles annually, Goodwin said.

Steuben dispatchers receive more than 95,000 phone calls annually, with roughly 3,600 responses and more than 10,000 phone calls generated by automatic alarms, she said.

ASAP also will send the county 911 Center a report of the calls received and dispatched.

The Steuben County 911 Center has also been awarded $187,541 under the state Public Safety Answering Points Operations Grant Program. The grant covers eligible public safety call-taking and dispatching expenses.

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