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Rep. Reed takes aim at Gov. Andrew Cuomo

As has become a habit lately, Rep. Tom Reed, R-NY-23, teed off Thursday on the Cuomo Administration.

This time, Reed criticized the Dream Act which would make undocumented immigrants eligible for state financial aid. The legislature has already passed the bill and although it hasn’t been sent to the governor yet, Cuomo has already expressed his support.

“Giving free college tuition to illegal immigrants is not fair for the hard-working families of New York already struggling under Governor Cuomo’s oppressively high taxes and college’s ridiculously expensive tuition,” Reed said. “We care about the mothers and fathers who lie awake at night wondering how they are going to pay for both the tax bill and college for not only their kids, but now the college of others as well.”

Instead, Reed said the state should be focused on legislation aimed at forcing colleges to contain their costs. His federal REDUCE Act proposes a number of measures including requiring colleges to have a plan to keep tuition increases below the rate of inflation.

The DREAM Act is the latest initiative for which the Southern Tier Republican has gone after the governor. Late last year, he criticized the Cuomo’s support of legislation to grant undocumented immigrants the ability to get drivers licenses. He also sent him a letter expressing concern over the subsidies the state gave to Amazon in exchange for the company locating its second headquarters in New York City.

Reed, perhaps is filling a void as the governor’s chief congressional critic. For awhile, that title seemed to belong to another Upstate Republican, Chris Collins.

But Collins, facing federal insider trading charges, has been relatively quiet lately.

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