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Life of a Flower Girl: Etiquettes for having a flower girl at your wedding

A flower girl is the cutest and quintessential part of your wedding. These young girls can give a dramatic touch to your wedding. A flower girl can be your cousin, niece or daughter. You are responsible for choosing a comfortable and stylish flower girl dresses. The age of flower girls may vary between 4 and seven years. You can select 3 to 4 children to make flower girls and ring bears. Before sending them down to the aisle, you have to prepare your girls to walk before many strangers. Kids may feel awkward and start crying, so you have to train your girls. If you have girls between 8 and 16 years, you can make them junior bridesmaid.

Attires of a Flower Girl

The attires of flower girls’ traditional echoes the gown of the bride. The dress may have matching skirts or lace accents. You will need a comfy toddler flower girl dresses similar to bridesmaids. Some designers include dresses for flower girls in their bridesmaid collection. If you can find this collection, the coordination can be smooth for you. Either choose a matching color, fabric or print with the same color scheme to make your flower girl standout. A tulle dress or organza may look classic with matching sash. Make sure to purchase beautiful accessories, such as a headband or a bracelet.

Difference Between Junior Bridesmaid and Flower Girls

Junior bridesmaid walks between a bridesmaid and a flower girl. Their dresses must complement the maids featuring different hemline and neckline. They walk alongside the bridesmaid and ring bear. They may have special decorations or tags on their dresses for identification. You can choose different dresses for bridesmaids and flower girls at your party.

Presence of Flower Girls at Adult-only Weddings

If you have only one flower girl at your wedding, make sure to arrange special accommodations for this child. Make sure that she is invited to the wedding with her family. If she is alone, you have to arrange a babysitter to take care of her. Be prepared to keep her away from other guests because they may wonder to give the same role to their children. If you are committed to child-free celebrations, make sure to skip the ideas of flower girls entirely. Some people prefer to give this role to their pet.

Flower girls can’t be restricted to wear mini replicas of the bridal dress. Tea-length dresses with a satin bow or bonnet may look sweet and standard. To increase the comfort level of your flower girl, ensure her presence in the bridesmaid’s lunch or bridal shower. She will meet different people and recognize them on the wedding day. By including her in the dinner, you can increase her confidence. Make sure to keep her parents around to encourage a confident smile on her face. Moreover, you can pair your flower girl with her buddy to increase her confidence. Prepare a bouquet or totes a beautiful basket full of rose petals for your little lady.

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