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GOP says they sought to bolster school safety, improve mental health services

As the Democratic-led Senate on Tuesday approved a package of gun control bills, Senate Republicans sought additional measures to boost school security.

The amendment, which was ultimately rejected, would have provided funding for additional armed school resource officers. At the same time, the amendment would have sought to hire the number of mental health professionals in schools.

“I don’t know of a single elected official who isn’t in favor of doing everything possible to protect the lives of all of New York’s schoolchildren,” said Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan.

“That’s why it’s difficult to imagine that our Conference’s common-sense Safe Schools amendment was rejected along partisan lines. Many of the bills being rushed through the Legislature today do nothing to address the serious, underlying causes of school violence or keep our students safe. I urge Senate Democrats to immediately reconsider our proposal.”

Lawmakers on Tuesday approved legislation that would bar school employees, not including peace officers and police officers, from carrying guns on school grounds in New York.

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