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Technology trends that will define education in 2019

Technology has always left its mark on us; the education sector is no different. Speaking of which, the New Year is here, and it’s time we discuss the technology trends that will happen in the education sector. There have been some major developments recently, and we will discuss how they will dominate in 2019.

Future Proof Technology

Despite the immense benefits of technology, teachers struggle with failing tech. This is all due to budget issues. Thanks to this, educational leaders have smartened up about where to invest their educational budget.

We believe schools will improve their approach and find technology that will suffice them for years to come. This includes considering the coasts of ownership before investing in new technology. Yes, it’s tempting to buy researchers with an affordable upfront investment, but it may cost you more money in the need. You must consider the updates and ongoing maintenance.

Future proofed technology means you don’t need to invest much in maintenance and software updates. Such tech comes with extended warranties which make them a good investment.

Safety of Students

Protecting Students has always been important to teachers. Every institute takes this responsibility very seriously. With the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), new pupil and parental safety measures have been implemented.

Over the next few years, data protection and online security will evolve from just being an IT concern to a wider concern. Currently, there are teacher training programs that train the teacher how to safeguard your pupil’s information and identify threads. These practices are already adopted by Top accredited online schools for 2019.

Use of Cloud Technology

Cloud computing will help improve the learning process. It will create a streamlined experience for pupil while letting educations improve their reach and share the data without breaking their bank. We expect this trend will enjoy mainstream adoption in 2019.

It will help schools make the best use of ICT budget while they work towards a strategic vision. Cloud computing can help with the following:

  • Provide access to curricula for an affordable price

  • Provide easy access to educational resources across different platforms

  • Help teachers to share lessons and download further content wireless

  • Help Support new practices including flipped learning and much more

  • Facilitate active participation of pupils via instant assessment while letting teachers mark and collage responses in real-time

  • Helps with BYOD initiatives

  • Facilitates flexible arrangements

Front of Class Display

When we speak of technological advancements, we have to consider VR and AR along with Robotics and social media. All of these things deserve our attention. Moreover, there are shaking up the educational system. For instance, Teachers use VR to capture educational minds, to fire imagination and discussion.

Front of class tech will remain popular, and this is one of the most important growth areas for educational institutes. Teachers have been using this method for long to share information and illustrate complex concerns. With that said, there is no double that front of class technology will change the way we used to educate the masses.

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