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Ontario County, Casella respond to landfill odor complaints

Job 1 for Ontario County’s new Director of Sustainability and Solid Waste Management Carla Jordan has been dealing with an increase in complaints about odor from the county landfill on Routes 5&20.

Jordan’s first day in her new position was Jan. 1 after working for both Casella Waste Services, which operates the landfill, and for the county Planning Department.

Several residents voiced concerns about landfill odors at Monday’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors Planning and Environmental Quality Committee.

On Tuesday, Jordan met with Casella officials and representatives from Region 8 of the state Department of Environmental Conservation to discuss landfill operations and the odor situation.

“We all agreed that odor management is our top priority,” Jordan said.

In a news release, Jordan said two separate studies are underway involving operations at the 389-acre landfill.

In December, the Board of Supervisors approved a contract with SCS Engineers of Suffern, an independent environmental engineering firm, to conduct an assessment of landfill odors. In addition, Casella has hired another firm, NCM Odor Control of Broadheadsville, Pa., to use its specialized engineers to investigate the odor issue.

“The studies will involve a thorough review of key landfill procedures, industry best management practices, complaints and types of waste accepted,” Jordan said, adding that results are expected in March.

Casella and the DEC are reviewing odor management procedures with entities that generate wastewater treatment plant sludge for deposit at the landfill. This review includes a close look at sludge generator requirements, deodorizing practices, suggested travel routes and acceptance schedules.

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