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Auburn native one of Fortnite’s top players

The name “Brandon Yelo” won’t come up in any conversations about Auburn’s most famous natives. On the contrary, most people in the city don’t know who he is.

But Yelo, 21, has an internet following that’d make most celebrities envious: 1 million on Instagram, 93,000 on YouTube, 91,000 on Twitter.

That following, and Yelo’s lack of stature in his hometown, can both be explained by the same thing: “Fortnite.”

Brandon, which is his real first name, began playing the massively popular online survival shooter last May. Under his username, Yelo, he quickly became one of its most prolific players. By July, he had signed with FaZe Clan, the world’s most popular e-sports organization. FaZe Yelo, as he’s best-known on the internet, is now one of eight members of the clan’s “Fortnite” roster.

The Auburn Citizen:
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