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Postage stamp price hike on January 27th

Stamp prices are changing the end of January, and while there will be some price decreases, the basic price of mailing a letter (first class mail) will go up from .50 to .55 cents.

A spokesperson for USPS tells us it’s because mailing and mail security costs are up. While profits from package shipping are up,, it’s not enough to offset the huge decline (down 37% since 2007) in first class mail profits.

The good news, is that if you have Forever Stamps, or buy them at the current rate before January 27th, they are good to use, even after the increase goes into effect.

To summarize the changes:

– First Class Mail up .05 to .55 for the first ounce. BUT additional ounces will cost .15, a decrease from the current .21
– Postcard rates will remain at .35
– Printing stamps online will cost .50 (a .05 discount) instead of the .47 now, with additional ounces .15 instead of the current .21

WSTM-TV – Syracuse:
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