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The biggest news stories from the Finger Lakes in 2018

What were the biggest stories of 2018?

Inside the Newsroom – a number of important stories – often breaking news events – were covered in 2018. It was another record-breaking traffic year for For that, we thank our readers – daily and otherwise – for continuing to make the leading digital destination for news in the region.

As 2018 comes to an end, and we look forward to an even better, stronger 2019 – we take a look back at the biggest stories, as decided by our readers.

South Seneca slammed by historic flood

Aerial view of flooding at Lodi Point.

Receiving upwards of 9 inches of rainfall in a matter of hours is never expected. That’s what happened though on August 13th, when residents in Lodi, Interlaken, Covert, and Ovid were awoken by torrential rains, which wiped out Lodi Point, and seriously damaged Sheldrake Point in Seneca County. It was an event that changed South Seneca completely, and even into 2019 – the communities effected continue through the recovery process. Mandatory evacuations, water rescues, and a curfew that lasted days – will all be parts of the story not soon forgotten by local residents.

ORIGINAL COVERAGE: Lodi, Sheldrake points slammed by flooding
VIDEO REPORT: Cleanup continues along Seneca Lake
PHOTO GALLERY: Lakeside community unrecognizable after floods
WATCH: Taughannock Falls rages after intense historic flooding

Community rocked by tragic loss after double-murder

Press conference after tragic killing of two local residents.

The village of Waterloo was rocked to its core after a tragic double-murder in July. The shooting left two local residents dead, which led to one of the most-watched trials in recent-memory. Emerson John Tohafjian, who had been arrested and charged on domestic charges weeks before killing Lori McConnell and Chuck Andrus. The lone survivor of the incident testified in the December trial before a local jury, which found Tohafjian guilty on the 18 counts filed against him.

ORIGINAL COVERAGE: Waterloo shook after violent double-murder
INDICTMENT UPHELD: Judge upholds murder indictment against Tohafjian
TRIAL COVERAGE: Tohafjian found guilty in Seneca Co. Court

Wayne County grapples with violence, Sodus mourns losses

Selena Hidalgo-Calderon and her son, Owen.

Six people were killed in the Sodus area since November 2017. In late-2017 Alyssa Taft, a 17-year-old student at Sodus Junior/Senior High School was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend. In December of the same year, Zackary Dwello, a senior at Sodus High was killed in a stabbing in Newark. Less than six months later, an 18-year-old immigrant farm worker was found in a wooded area in Sodus. Both she, and her infant son were recovered. The weeks long search for the two, who were reported missing in May – involved more than 1,100 and just a few weeks ago – resulted in formal murder charges being filed. Another double-killing – involving a couple who had recently moved to Sodus gripped the community again. A former police chief and his wife were charged after the incident in late-October.

FULL COVERAGE: Reyes charged in Sodus farm killing
FULL COVERAGE: Sodus couple killed, accused trio appears in court
ORIGINAL COVERAGE: Zackary Dwello stabbed to death by two assailants
SENTENCED: Ex-boyfriend sentenced to 25 years after killing Sodus teen

Construction workers rescued from collapsed building at Geneva Foreign & Sports

Scene as crews worked to assist those trapped beneath partially constructed building.

A large structure, which was under construction at Geneva Foreign & Sports on State Route 14 in the Town of Geneva collapsed – trapping two workers in January. The large, pole barn-type structure collapsed, trapping two employees. While no serious injuries were reported – wind was initially thought to be to blame. However, law enforcement later said wind didn’t appear to be a factor.

ORIGINAL COVERAGE: Photos & story from collapsed building at Geneva Foreign Sports

Search continues for missing Clyde woman

Missing Clyde woman sought, as boyfriend fears past ‘caught up with her’.

As the search continues for a missing Clyde woman in Newark and surrounding communities – her boyfriend is worried. The search continues, and even as this story develops throughout the month of December – the search has garnered a lot of attention, as readers and residents hope to see a positive outcome for this story by the end of the year, or start of 2019.

FULL COVERAGE: Boyfriend of missing Clyde woman worries troubled past caught up with her

Feher Rubbish shuts down with little warning

Feher Rubbish trucks sit after abrupt closure.

Residents in Cayuga, Wayne, Seneca, and Ontario counties scrambled to find new rubbish removal services – after the abrupt closure of Feher Rubbish Removal. The company, which was found to owe hundreds-of-thousands to creditors – left employees and customers in a bind, when they ceased operation in May without warning. The company had gone weeks without picking up trash on streets in Tyre, Clyde, and several communities in Cayuga County.

ORIGINAL COVERAGE: Residents & leaders scramble after Feher closure
MORE COVERAGE: Residents react to closure of Feher Rubbish

Year of the Cyber Attack in Finger Lakes

Geneva General Hospital

Finger Lakes Health fell victim to a cyber attack in March, and worked ‘quickly’ to move past the incident, which made headlines throughout the spring. It was an investigation, which involved local, state, and federal authorities. In November, a series of bomb threats were received at local, state, and medical facilities around the Country – impacting several local entities. Whether it’s hacking or threats via technology – officials and business owners are on ‘high alert’ entering 2019.

ORIGINAL COVERAGE: Hackers attack Finger Lakes Health
ORIGINAL COVERAGE: Bomb threats received throughout Finger Lakes
ORIGINAL COVERAGE: Local malls respond after bomb threats