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Auburn city council to select part-time city court judge

Thursday’s Auburn City Council meeting will be solely dedicated to determine a replacement for a part-time associate city court judge position.

At an executive session at city hall’s council chambers slated for noon, Dec. 27, the council will review employment histories and qualifications of candidates being considered for the job. The position will become vacant on Jan. 1.

The current part-time city judge, David Thurston, was recently elected to fill Michael McKeon’s shoes as he retires as the city’s full-time judge.

Auburn Mayor Michael Quill said the appointment is necessary and important. He added that the appointment will grant Thurston leeway after being on call at all times.

Although Thurston and McKeon cannot recommend a candidate over others, they can provide information on a candidate’s qualifications if requested by the council. Thurston declined to comment for this article.

The part-time position runs on six-year terms with a current salary of $93,000 plus pension, medical, dental and eye care coverage.

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