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Local government, police and national commercial manufacturers

Government police are buying their equipment from national commercial manufacturers. Is this problematic? Capitalism intervening with governmental institutions can often have unexpected effects which we will discuss in this article.

We will be investing local government and their use of police stun guns and batons.

Laws Regarding Police Equipment

The laws regarding use of different equipment, like stun guns, varies between states and geographic areas. Looking at the various U.S. state laws regarding stun guns, we see that many states prohibit ownership of these electric shock devices.

Hawaii, New York, and Rhode Island have completely banned the use or even possession of stun guns. Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, and Michigan also have various laws heavily regulating the use of stun guns and other police grade equipment.

National Manufacturers Spreading Lies?

A very problematic aspect of local police using national manufacturers is that they have few regulations in place. Commercial manufacturers have been spreading blatant lies about the statistics in their stun devices; Specifically claiming extraordinarily high voltage that defies the laws of physics.

These type of lies bring great concern to whether the government should be trusting commercial manufacturers at all. The positive side of this is that the majority of police departments use Taser. Taser guns are accurate and very powerful. This makes them the perfect police stun equipment for our government to use.

Increased Strength of Stun & Taser Guns

The positive side of commercial manufacturers is that they will continuously improve their product. Taser guns and stun guns have been increasingly getting stronger and more advance. Their voltage and features are becoming more powerful for self defense.

Many humanitarians claim that this increase in strength is negative. The argument is that they cause heart failure and are increasingly becoming a danger to our society. These views are understandable, but majority still believe electronic stun devices are still a advance towards safety and protection of the general community.