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One Auburn business spreading warmth this winter

Courtney Conley starts her day early to open her hair salon in downtown Auburn.

She’s been the owner of Co Co & Company Salon for five years.

This year, she felt the need to do something special for people who could use a little help.

“People just don’t have warm winter coats, my daughter was getting rid of three jackets, and I had a coat rack my mom gave to me from her old salon, we then just started to ask our clients for coats then we opened it up to the public which has been amazing,” Conley explained.

As part of her morning routine, Courtney sets up this coat rack outside the salon.

She came up with the idea for a coat drive right for the first time this year right in the heart of downtown.

“They come, they browse, they try on, they sometimes walk away with a hat, mittens gloves or jacket.

Since November, Courtney so far has given away about 60 coats through her drive, and it continues until the middle of January.
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