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Town of Moravia ends summer recreation program

The Moravia Town Council has voted to stop operating its summer recreation program after losing thousands of dollars on it in recent years.

The town council made the unanimous decision at a meeting Nov. 28, town supervisor Terry Baxter said earlier this week. When Baxter asked the Moravia Central School District Board of Education to take over the program at an October meeting, he said the town had lost around $17,000 through the program over the last three years.

The financial burden of running the program, though, is likely not something the school district will pick up, the district's superintendent said this week.

The program involved various recreational activities over six weeks every summer at the Fillmore Glen State Park in Moravia, with a little over 200 children from kindergarten to sixth grade in the program earlier this year. Children in the Moravia school district are eligible for the program, with students from the town of Moravia, the village of Moravia, the town of Locke and the town of Niles participating over the last decade.

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