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Syracuse developer closes on sale of Auburn Schine Theater

The Auburn Schine Theater is now officially the property of Bowers Development, of Syracuse.

Bowers and the downtown theater’s prior owner of 20 years, the Cayuga County Arts Council, closed on the sale Friday, arts council Communications Chair Michelle Milewski said in a news release.

“2018 was a very productive year for the Schines Theater,” she said in the release. “Before the transfer of ownership, the CCAC was able to make significant progress in the restoration of the theater before putting it in the best hands to finish the project.”

The council received permission from the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to sell the 1938 art deco theater to Bowers in June. Because the council has accepted grant money from the state to fund the theater’s restoration, the sale could not take place without the office’s approval. The Schine’s historic preservation covenant, which prevents its owner from making any changes to it without the office’s approval, will transfer to Bowers as a condition of the sale. The covenant expires on July 25, 2036.

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