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After budget cut, CEDA, Cayuga County Legislature discuss how to measure success

The Auburn Citizen

Cayuga Economic Development Agency staff met with county legislators Wednesday to discuss the agency’s 2019 work plan and what metrics should be used to measure success.

CEDA Executive Director Tracy Verrier’s presentation to the Legislature’s Planning and Economic Development Committee followed a $50,000 cut to the agency included in the county’s 2019 budget approved last week.

At the time of the budget vote, several legislators said dissatisfaction with the amount of information they receive from CEDA regarding its work to retain, expand or attract businesses in Cayuga County was at least part of their reasoning to support the cut.

Verrier provided a 2018 work plan progress report to the committee that outlined the agency’s activity as of Nov. 21. The report includes measures including growth opportunities identified, private investment, jobs created, startup survival rates and more.

The Auburn Citizen:
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