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Report uncovers extreme overtime at toll booths, long hours for workers

Two New York State Thruway Authority toll collectors made more than double their annual earnings in overtime in 2017

According to state records, the two toll collectors were among the 50 Thruway workers who earned the most in overtime, many over $30,000, in 2017.

For toll collectors, overtime is assigned according to the toll collectors’ union’s contract with the Thruway Authority. They earn more than their base hourly rate when working evening, night or holiday shifts and can work 16 hour double shifts, and even 23-hour shifts during rare circumstances.

Below, you can see the 50 Thruway workers who earned the most in overtime in 2017. Other top overtime earners included toll plaza managers, assistant engineers and maintenance supervisors.

In total, Thruway workers earned $10,972,467.72 in overtime in 2017. There were 262 Thruway employees who earned more than $100,000 in 2017.

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