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20M tax dollars wasted as Canandaigua power plant sits idle

The project was funded in 2010 as part of the nation’s stimulus plan.

The plant was to produce power by burning wood chips to create steam-powered energy otherwise known as a biomass system. But the project ran into repeated delays as the contractor and the government fought over building designs which led to litigation.

It has taken eight years which is about the same length of time it took to dig the Erie Canal.

But now the power plant is essentially complete.

So, why aren’t they using it?

Recently, News10NBC returned to the VA campus to try and find out.

A peek into the windows shows the plastic is still on the office chairs.

Employee: “Can I help you?”

News10NBC’s Brett Davidsen: “My name is Brett Davidsen. I’m with News10NBC.”

Employee: “How are you?”

Davidsen: “Very good. Trying to find somebody who can tell us the status of this plant.”

Employee: “You’d have to speak with our public relations representative.”

Then, the VA police showed up.

After days of phone calls and emails, we finally got a response.

As it turns out, after spending millions of your tax dollars on this power plant, the VA has no plans to fire it up.

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