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SUNDAY CONVERSATION: Discussing the role of political ads during election season

What is the role of a modern election ad?

It’s a tricky question to answer, especially since most are geared toward generating negative buzz about a particular candidate. Last week the Auburn Citizen reported on an ad, which hit airwaves earlier in the week – featuring John Walsh, creator of the hit TV series ‘America’s Most Wanted’.

His ad supported Republican Congressman John Katko, who is locked in a heated race with Democratic Challenger Dana Balter.

Another Katko ad features a soundbite, in which Balter discusses raising taxes. Like most soundbites, the ad takes a portion of dialogue out of context – creating a scenario that puts voters in a difficult position.

These are the ads, frequently seen on television, which make elections so uninteresting to the casual political observer.

A similar ad has hit statewide television screens from the Cuomo Campaign, as Republican Challenger Marc Molinaro poses the realest threat the incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo has ever faced. The ad calls Molinaro a number of things – including a hard-right conservative.

However, as was discussed on The Debrief Podcast with Josh Durso and Ted Baker this week – it’s up to voters to make a difference.

Ultimately, if ‘change’ is going to happen – or be a real thing – it will take voters rising up and saying ‘enough is enough’.

Listen to their entire discussion on political ads below: