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NYSUT launches campaign focused on combating teacher shortages

Teacher shortages are a worry throughout New York and the state's teachers union is doing something about it.

New York State Teachers United recently launched the 'Take a Look at Teaching' campaign.

They believe there's a few key factors leading to the shortages. Among them, they cite declining enrollment in teacher education programs and an aging demographic with 1/3rd of their members set to retire within the next five years.

"We don't have enough teachers in many areas," said Andrew Jordan who's on the Board of Directors with New York State United Teachers.

West Irondequoit is just one of the many school districts across the state that have dealt with a lack of teachers.

"We certainly face teacher shortages. I think everyone is facing it," said Tim Terranova, Deputy Superintendent for the West Irondequoit Central School District.

They're looking for an additional 40-50 substitutes but their issue is just a small part of a much larger problem.

New York State United Teachers will focus their new campaign on adding more teachers. It's aimed at younger students interested in the profession, helping them navigate their way to becoming an educator.

"We need to help students maneuver that system so that they know exactly what they need to have accomplished and by what deadlines so they can enter the profession in a timely basis," said Jordan.

West Irondequoit Schools have a similar program in place. It's in its infancy with eight students taking part.

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