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Lodi Town Board holds emergency session following Lodi Point devastation (video)

The Lodi Town Board convened a special, emergency session on Monday following the devastating flooding, which left Lodi Point; and other local communities in South Seneca with major losses.

According to local, county, and state officials who were at the session – attempting to answer questions left by residents – the recovery efforts are going to take months.

Paul Batman, who serves on the Town Board, and led organizational efforts of the most-recent session in the absence of Town Supervisor Lee Davidson, noted that he saw a lot of positive in the audience on Monday. That despite some serious concerns among residents, who were tired, frustrated, and looking for answers about their property.

“We understand that people want answers, and we got as many state and local officials together as we could,” he explained in a phone conversation on Tuesday. “This is one of those circumstances that simply requires a day-by-day approach.”

That approach means taking on individual issues, and remembering that the big picture solution – restoration of Lodi Point to its pre-flood character – might take years to accomplish.

Watch the entire board meeting below, and stay tuned for more coverage from the destructive flooding in South Seneca: