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Vargas’ solid 6-inning start not enough for Mets

From their vantage point in the third-base dugout, the Mets watched Jason Vargas deliver two- and four-seam fastballs down in the strike zone, dumping in a liberal number of changeups and curves. He worked quickly, buzzing through the Orioles’ lineup without much issue.

This was the Vargas the Mets thought they acquired when they committed two years and $16 million to him this past winter. This was the Vargas they hope can still be part of a contending team in 2019.

That Vargas took a no-decision in the Mets’ 6-3 loss at Camden Yards on Tuesday mattered little to a club seeking any sort of evidence that he’s primed to improve. Pitching into the sixth inning for the first time this year, Vargas cracked for an Adam Jones game-tying homer with one out, then watched from the bench as Bobby Wahl served up a go-ahead solo shot to Chris Davis in the seventh. Read More