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New York leads the way on cracking down on fake IDs

A major crackdown happening in our area, like nowhere else in the country, could have people thinking twice about using a fake ID.

New York is the first state to test out a pilot program, using the help of an app, to figure out if your ID is real or not.

The app is developed by Intellicheck Inc.

Department of Motor Vehicles representatives are testing the program and said it's worked 100 percent of the time.

A release issued by Governor Cuomo said 211 people have been arrested since the start of the summer for having a fake ID or trying to drink while underage.

Records reveal nearly than 100 of those arrests have happened at both local bars and at Darien Lake's concert facility in the past two months.

"Fake IDs are really good these days," said Michael O'Leary, owner of Temple Bar and Grille on East Avenue.

He said there are heightened concerns for owners like him who are trying to figure the real from the fake.

"It's the number one concern of any restaurant or bar owner, is to make sure you don't serve any underage people," he said.

He said serving drinks to underage kids could be costly. "$10,000 is the first time fine, and it just escalates from there – and once you've had 3-4 violations, the Liquor Authority takes your license away," he added.

"Then it puts the responsibility on bar owners, bartenders who are just out trying to work," said Sgt. Robert Long, with the Gates Police Department.

He said the problem also happens in that area. "We see it as a problem here in town. There are some bars and there are a lot of gas stations with people trying to go in and purchase alcohol." he said.

Launched by the New York State DMV, the pilot program uses the help of "Law I.D." It's an app that scans the bar code of your ID, then cross-checks it with DMV records from all 50 states to see if it's real.

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