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Auburn school board to ask Cayuga Centers to make up $210,000 deficit

The Auburn Enlarged City School District Board of Education plans to request $210,000 from Cayuga Centers to help the district recover from a deficit due to the center’s residential treatment program closing this spring.

Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo explained, during an Auburn school board meeting on Tuesday, that the district “took a financial hit” with the unexpected and uncommunicated closing.

“We also had a loss of revenue because of the number of kids that Cayuga Centers had and the tuition that we were taking in. They did not match up, and thus caused us with a shortfall. So, right now … we’ve got to deal with it, we’ve got to pay for it,” Pirozzolo said, explaining why the board was voting to transfer $210,000 from the general fund to the special aid fund.

He suggested that the board send a letter to Cayuga Centers, asking it to reimburse the district for the money that was lost, especially since the agency did not have the enrollment that it told the school board it would. It didn’t seem fair, he added, that children in the Auburn school district would be taking the financial hit.

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