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Auburn Schine Theater owner receives state approval to sell building

The stage has been set for the longtime owner of the Auburn Schine Theater to sell it to a Syracuse developer.

The state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation has given the Cayuga County Arts Council its approval to sell the 1938 art deco theater to Bowers Development. In a June 18 letter to council board Chair Ed Onori, office Commissioner Rose Harvey said the office has agreed to the sale based on its own review, as well as the review of the state attorney general and the state comptroller. The office provided a copy of the letter to The Citizen on Monday.

The council required the office’s approval to sell the Schine because the office holds a preservation covenant on the historic building as a condition of grant money it has awarded the council’s effort to restore it. The covenant, which expires July 25, 2036, will transfer to Bowers, according to the letter. The covenant prohibits the building’s owner from making any changes to it without the office’s approval.

The Citizen:
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