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Democratic primary for Congress: Balter, Perez Williams make final pitch to voters

In the city’s Eastwood neighborhood, a teacher told Dana Balter she would have her vote.

On the South Side, Juanita Perez Williams exchanged pleasantries and a hug with an elderly woman who kept her campaign mailers on a nearby table underneath her Bible.

It was Sunday in Syracuse. The neighborhoods were mostly quiet. But Balter and Perez Williams, who are vying for the Democratic nomination in the 24th Congressional District, made their final pitch to likely voters ahead of the primary election Tuesday.

Balter, a Syracuse Democrat, knocked on doors along Forest Hill Drive. She was joined by Joe Driscoll, a Syracuse Common Council member, and Micah Fialka-Feldman, who helps teach disability studies classes at Syracuse University.

Perez Williams spent a bulk of her time on Bishop, Hunt, Randall and West Colvin streets.

The Citizen:
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