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Auburn City Council approves change orders for two downtown projects

The Auburn City Council authorized additional funding for the Genesee Street paving and the Equal Rights Heritage Center projects Thursday.

First, the council unanimously voted to approve a $474,884 change order to F. Rizzo Construction, the Genesee Street paving project’s construction contractor. The council originally awarded the company the construction contract for over $4 million in January, but an expanded scope of work, including additional paving, replacing and improving additional sewage, water and drainage structures and extra work on sidewalks, led to the extra costs.

“The issue with some of this stuff is as they’ve gone through, they’ve done their work and they’ve uncovered problems with the water and sewer infrastructure,” City Manager Jeff Dygert said. “In a lot of cases, now is the time to be dealing with that rather than tearing things up after we get all the pavement down. A lot of this is related to those unforeseen things or things that we can’t absolutely predict the conditions of.”

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