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Weedsport calls special meeting to discuss questions with civil service

During a special meeting Wednesday evening, Weedsport's village board held an information session with two representatives from Cayuga County's Civil Service Commission.

The notice said the purpose of the meeting was for the board to question Eva Champion, of civil service.

"It's actually an informative meeting on civil service to see if we're right, wrong or indifferent," Mayor Jean Saroodis said, laughing, as she called the meeting to order. "So I guess I'll let you ladies begin."

Champion opened with "So it's my understanding that there's been an issue with a (Motor Equipment Operator) and she has previous …" before Saroodis quickly interrupted.

"Okay … we need to kinda stop you right there. If we're going to do a particular employee we need to go into executive session," Saroodis said.

"Can we talk less specifically?" Trustee Steve Sims asked.

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