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Seneca Falls man guilty on felony strangulation charge

A 31-year-old Seneca Falls man pleaded guilty in Seneca County Court on Monday to felony strangulation, and will serve a year in County Jail.

The court action came months after a violent domestic incident earlier this year.

Steven Grillone, 31, pleaded guilty to the Class D felony charge of second-degree strangulation, with one year of county jail – and credit for time served.

He was arrested on January 18th by deputies after an incident on State Route 96. There was a heavy response from law enforcement, and at the time he was also charged with criminal contempt, criminal mischief and endangering the welfare of a child.

Grillone was accused of entering the Route 96 home, strangling a female victim in front of six children, and damaging property inside the home. In the process, Sheriff Luce said Grillone violated a court order of protection, which barred him from having contact with the woman.

Luce also said that their Emergency Response Team, commonly known as a SWAT team, was training at a Waterloo school and responded after hearing of the incident. They provided backup to other deputies at the scene.

A five year order of protection was also signed, according to officials.