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Auburn designated as Brownfield Opportunity Area by state

The city of Auburn was designated by the state as a Brownfield Opportunity Area, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office announced Thursday.

The city has been working toward this designation for several years and in 2015 launched the Auburn Sparks program, a community-driven effort to revitalize about 570 acres around downtown and the Owasco River corridor. Auburn’s BOA area includes sites such as the Auburn Correctional Facility and the Bombardier plant and is characterized by over 13 brownfield sites totaling 60 acres, as well as numerous other vacant and/or underutilized sites, according to a press release from the governor’s office.

Auburn received a $389,338 planning grant from the state “to put forth a comprehensive revitalization strategy to promote effective redevelopment and enhanced environmental quality in each area,” according to the press release. The Department of State, which administers the program, determined Auburn’s plan met the necessary requirements and criteria for designation. Auburn is now one of 47 brownfield communities in the state.

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