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Auburn City Council approves $34 million budget

The Auburn City Council unanimously approved the 2018-2019 city budget Thursday, and with it a 1-percent spending increase and a 4.6-percent tax levy increase.

For the next fiscal year, which begins July 1, the city will work with a general fund of $34,257,715. About $12.4 million of the general fund will be raised by taxes. The tax rate is set at $11.78 per $1,000 of assessed value, an 18-cent decrease from 2017-2018. The 4.6-percent tax levy increase is below the state-determined cap of 4.72 percent. Garbage collection, sewer and water fees will not increase.

City councilors agreed that the upcoming year's budget falls in line with the city's long-term goals and they thanked city staff members for the work they put into developing the final budget.

Councilor Debby McCormick said the council's willingness to invest in new positions, including a technical director for the department of municipal utilities, shows its support for the work city staff does every day.

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