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Instability could lead to heavy downpours, isolated flooding in FLX

There is an isolated chance for localized flooding on Friday, before the weekend weather really takes a turn for the positive.

FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil says winds from the southwest will mean more warm, humid air – along with sizable amounts of instability in the upper-atmosphere.

Montreuil says the triggering mechanism for thunderstorms today will be a subtle disturbance and a cold front. Once one or two thunderstorms pop late this morning, additional thunderstorms will likely develop along the outflow of rain-cooled air the initial storms produce.

He says that an hour or two of downpours from these storms could mean flash flooding, but those concerns will be isolated in nature.

After this evening – things will dry out.

This weekend, and next week will feature cooler – more comfortable weather.

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