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New draft zoning code for village of Cayuga sparks controversy on adult entertainment

An open house to hear concerns on new draft zoning laws, the first revisions to the code since 1988, sparked controversy over adult entertainment and short-term rentals in the village of Cayuga Wednesday night.

The goal of the open house was to get residents’ feedback on the draft zoning laws as well as provide an opportunity to field questions and hear concerns. Senior Planner Kari Terwilliger of the Cayuga County Department of Planning ans Economic Development was present to assist the village’s zoning rewrite committee.

Throughout the meeting lively conversation took place and intermittently murmurs and side conversations filled the room while others raised their voices often to be heard over the chatter.

Currently a provision for adult entertainment exists in the proposed zoning code, and village Trustee Tara Fricano strongly disagrees with any mention of adult entertainment in the zoning laws.

“Now I think this is very important that we protect our community and our children,” Fricano said. “I found … there is no law that states we have to have an adult entertainment zone.”

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